Brad Jacobs and Sons - Masonry Inc.
321 Spring Street
Palmyra, NY 14522
Phone/Fax # 1 (315) 597-4607

Company Profile

Business began in 1974 by Brad Jacobs, Sr. under the name of Brad Jacobs Mason Contractor. Included all types of masonry i.e. stone work, brick work and block foundations.

Formed Brad Jacobs & Sons Masonry, Inc. in January 2002.

Presently owned by Brad Jacobs Sr. and Andy Jacobs.
The company performs all types of masonry and has included decorative, stamped concrete as well. A member of the Rochester Home Builders Associations Since 2006.
Brad JacobsBrad Jacobs, Sr.

 • Graduated from Pal-Mac High School
 • Worked as a mason throughout his high school years with his brother and other local masons and learned the trade
  • Served two years in the Army and worked as a mason during his tour in Germany
  • Formed a sole proprietorship after his discharge from the military
  • Has operated his masonry business for 32 years

Andy JacobsAndy Jacobs

  • Graduated from Pal-Mac High School
  • Attended Alfred State University majoring in Construction Technology/Architectural Engineering
  • Worked in the family business throughout high school and became a partner in the business in 2002
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